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Course description

School description

Are you a filmmaker looking to improve your color grading either as a professional freelancer or small business owner? You know how important color grading is to the final product and in helping you ‘stand out’ from your competitors. That’s why we have designed a 4 week training school specifically for you that is a step-by-step guide to understanding the art and theory of color grading so you can tell better stories. Our objective is to help you improve your color grading so you can elevate your production style leading to more clients and better paying opportunities.


  • Follow step-by-step color correction and grading instruction plus mentoring*
  • Follow a proper grading workflow
  • Learn how to match multiple cameras and shots in a scene
  • Learn strategies to help you work more quickly and efficiently
  • Learn how to get proper and natural looking skin tones
  • Learn in depth color theory so you can create "looks" that aid the story
  • Learn how to create looks that imitate popular feature films
  • You'll receive certificate of completion upon completing the school

* Mentoring provided through private FB group


What people are saying about the school:
“It’s no understatement to say that your online course has provided me with some essential new skills – skills that I have been craving for years really without knowing it – and the benefits will be show up in my work. Many thanks and best of luck with everything.” Boris Jänsch, Baci Films Ltd, U.K.

“[Your tutorials] are amazingly good. The presentation is clear, to the point and well thought out. I especially liked how you emphasized on the basics and workflow. That gives me a firm foundation and a clear roadmap of what needs to be done. Kudos to you for putting it up online…” Imran Saleh, Singapore

“What [Denver Riddle] has done with his tutorials is make color grading no longer too daunting, and no longer an after thought that people like myself could one day really venture into. His [tutorials] are amazing, and for me personally these have really helped me think about what potential stories I can tell, and how color will enhance the mood and feel of the story I am trying to convey.” Cecil Bonifacio, San Francisco, California

“You’ve been a fantastic teacher,… all your video’s on color grading central have helped me understand color grading and color correction in a much better way.” Ben Munro, Australia

“Thanks for such a great resource, Denver. I was awash in a sea of useless/no information online until I landed on your site. I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert at grading because of the tutorials you offer, but they definitely gave me the confidence and competence to know what’s involved and navigate my way around.” Noah Witchell, Omaha, Nebraska

“Thanks for sharing your valuable experience with us. Many people know a rare thing but very few reveal it.” Mazhar Shaik, Hyderabad, India

“[When] I discovered Color Grading Central, I was very impressed because for the first time, a colorist shared his working method to the world. And the results were great!” Lamberto Lamberti, Italy

Denver Riddle
Denver Riddle

Denver Riddle is a professional colorist and founder of Color Grading Central. Denver received a B.S. degree in Digital Media from Utah Valley University. He has worked with various clients and fortune 500 companies, from national commercial spots to feature films, from the U.S. Ski Team to Facebook and Instagram. He started Color Grading Central as a learning resource for filmmakers and colorists. He is currently engaged in DaVinci Resolve instruction and training and developing software color grading tools! Denver Riddle currently calls Washington state home.

Course Curriculum

Content is released in a series of weekly modules one a week for four weeks. In module 1 we’ll cover primary color correction in week one. In week 2 we’ll cover secondary color correction in module 2. In week 3 we’ll color matching in module 3. And finally in week 4 we’ll cover color theory or creating looks that tell the story in module 4. Click “Show Content” to expand each module.

Welcome Start Here First 23:25
Digital Imaging Technician E-Book BONUS
Private FB Group BONUS
Recreate the Look of Any Film (FREE GIFT)
Recreate the Look of Any Film Exercise Files
Show Content
Module 1 202:08
Welcome Screen and Project Manager
Preferences and Project Settings
Interface introduction
Media Page
Edit Page
Edit Tools Part 1
Edit Tools Part 2
Color page
Deliver Page
Gallery Page
Conforming Introduction
Scene Cut Detection
Fixing Scene Cut Detection Errors
Conforming with an XML
Conforming with an EDL
Roundtripping from Client to Delivery (Part 1)
Roundtripping from Client to Delivery (Part 2)
Importing and Conforming Issues
Resolving Conform Issues
Scopes Introduction
Waveform Scope
RGB Parade Scope
Vector Scope
Order of Operation Workflow
Setting Exposure
Download Setting Exposure Files
Color Balancing
Download Color Balance Exercise Files
Color Balancing with Color Overlay Scope
Color Balancing with Color Overlay Exercise Files
Log Grading
Download Log Grading Exercise Files
Using LUTs Overview
Using LUTs for Technical
Using LUTs for Speed
Download LUT Series Exercise Files
Download LUTs for Resolve
Working with RED
Working with RAW BMC
HDRX Grading
Noise Reduction
Noise Reduction with Splitter-Combiner
Noise Reduction with Splitter-Combiner Exercise File
Grading White Limbo
Download White Limbo Exercise Files
Broadcast Safe
Setup Your Own Grading Suite (Part 1 of 3)
Setup Your Own Grading Suite (Part 2 of 3)
Setup Your Own Grading Suite (Part 3 of 3)
Show Content
Module 2 121:43
Working With Serial Nodes
Working with Parallel nodes
Working with Layer Mixers
Working with the Key Mixer
Download Exercise Files
Keeping Nodes Organized
Cleanup with Power Windows
Download Power Windows Exercise Files
Exploring the 3D Tracker
Exploring 3D Tracker Exercise Files
Fine Tuning the Tracker
Fine Tuning the Tracker Exercise Files
Stabilizing with the Tracker
Stabilizing with the Tracker Exercise Files
Cleanup With HSL Qualifer
Download HSL Qualifier Exercise Files
Cleanup with HSL Qualifier (Advanced)
Download HSL Adv Exercise Files
Cleanup with Hue Curves
Download Hue Curves Exercise Files
Introduction to Ideal Skin Tones
Correcting Skin Tones
Download Skin Tones Exercise Files
Correcting Darker Skin Tones
Correcting Darker Skin Tones Exercise Files
Correcting Lighter Skin Tones
Correcting Lighter Skin Tones Exercise Files
Preserving Skin Tones with Parallel Nodes
Raccoon Eyes
HDR Grading
Download HDR Exercise Files
Secondary Isolation Enhancements
Download Enhancement Exercise Files
Keyframes Editor
Overlaying Effects
Download Film Burns
Recovering Skin Tones
Download Film Grain Links
Sky Replacement
Soft Clip Tools
Show Content
Module 3 165:58
Picking a Hero Shot
Color Match
Download Color Match Exercise Files
Automated Match Feature
Shot to Shot Matching
Download Shot Matching Exercise Files
Shot to Shot Matching Advanced
Download Shot Matching Adv Exercise Files
Exploring Different Viewer Modes
Exploring Different Viewer Modes Exercise Files
Matching Using the Split Screen
Using the Lightbox View
Working with Remote/Local Grades
Working with Groups Part 1
Working with Groups Part 2
Using Gallery Stills
Grading Multicam
Grading Multicam Advanced
Working With Charts - Production
Working with Charts Classic
Working with Charts-Video
Working with Charts DSC
MC Grading an Entire Scene Part 1
MC Grading an Entire Scene Part 2
MC Grading an Entire Scene Part 3
MC Grading an Entire Scene Exercise File(s)
Auditioning Scene Versions
Show Content
Module 4 111:47
What is the Goal
Creating Mood
Download Creating Mood Exercise Files
Suggesting Time of Day
Download Suggesting Time Exercise Files
Contextual (Location Based) Looks
Download Location Based Lookd Exercise Files
Dialing Looks to Taste
Download Dialing Looks Exercise Files
Creating Looks Around Skin Tones
Contrasts of Color Introduction
Contrast of Light and Dark
Download Light & Dark Exercise
Warm Cool Contrast
Download Warm/Cool Exercise Files
Complementary Contrast
Download Complementary Exercise Files
Contrast of Saturation
Download Saturation Exercise Files
Contrast of Hue
Download Hue Exercise File
Memory Colors and What Colors Mean
Color Schemes and Harmonies
Stylized Looks Based on Color Scheme Part 1
Download Stylized Looks Exercise Files
Stylized Looks Based on Color Schemes Part 2
Bleach Bypass
Download Bleach Bypass Exercise Files
B&W Look
Download B+W Exercise Files
Day For Night Look
Download Day for Night Excercise Files
Cross Process Look
Download Cross Process Exercise Files
Vintage Looks
Download Vintage Look Exercise Files
Vintage Look Part 2
Download Vintage Pt2 Exercise Files
Cosmetic Look
Download Cosmetic Look Exercise Files
Orange Teal Look
Download Orange/Teal Exercise Files
Wes Anderson Look
Show Content


You’re protected by the BEST GUARANTEE EVER. You have 30 days to check it out go through the training and if by the end of that time you decide it’s not for you let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked and you can still keep everything. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.